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Media Appearances

Lil Poison News, Magazines & TV Appearances

Lil Poison has had the honor to be interviewed by the World's top TV News, Magazines and Newspapers. Below are a few interviews that Lil Poison has appeared on.

Yahoo Gamers

MTV MultiPlayer Blog 2010

Maxim - BFG Blog 2010

Time - TechLand 2010

Anyguey 09

The Situationist 09

Latercera Chile 09

Mickey Magazine - coming soon

Beano Max 09 Magazine

The Blue Peter Show 09 - London

NY Daily News September 2008

Nick Magazine - May 2008 Issue

CW11 New York Morning New

Latina Magazine Top 20 Latino of '07

Guinness World Record 2008

Time Out New York Kids

The Today Show

The Daily Telegraph

Newsday Newspaper

NY Daily News 2007

60 Minutes Child Prodigies

Sonntags Zeitung Newspaper<

Epoca Magazine in Brazil


20 Minute News

Rocky Mountain News

Ny Post

CBS Radio

Kaigain News

GotFrag News

Wired Magazine

BBC News

NY 1 News

Lp vs Shows 1up

1010 Wins

Time - Video Blog 2010

Urgent Fury 2010

>Next Gen Player 09

Times Online 06

Yahoo.com 09

First News 09

Game Master Magazine 09

Jetix Magazine 09

GamerWorld Italy

Fuse Tv

GQ Magazine Italy - December 07

G4Tv - Halo 3 Countdown

Guinness Gamers Edition 2008

CW 11 News New York



The Star

New York Times

60 Minutes

MingPao Magazine

Telemundo Al Rojo Vivo

Australia's Sydney Morning Herald

Aftonbladet News

G4tv Attack of the Show

Gamer Tag Radio



Orlando Sentinal

Wall Street Journal



EGM (3 issues posted soon)

WWE Kids Magazine

Mixer Live Streaming
You Tube Twitch Video Game Platform Twitch